One day you wake up and open your eyes First you crawl, Then you stand, After that you walk, And finally you learn to run There is darkness but also light One door opens while a window closes You let someone in and then someone out You feel the hate as much as the love […]


Loving You

How do you know if what you felt was love? Such a strong word And yet it can be so dark The meaning and impact can be opposites Some feel an infinitive happiness Others get to know to fear it Which person in your life will conquer your heart? One moment you cross the street […]


Christmas Tree

The green giant towers in the corner of the living room Mom brings the boxes of decorations from the attic The kids rush to help First the lights are wrapped around the tree Starting from the bottom they slither around the tree all the way to the top Next, red spheres are spread throughout he […]


My Dad

Where can I find you? One day you were here The next you were nowhere to be seen I keep looking for you in the places you used to be What I found are the memories of you Every food I eat were the ones you liked The movies you used to watch are now […]


The Getaway

I am in my backyard sitting in my pool It’s 8 pm and the sun is on the horizon The orange colors are bright in the sky. The air is hot and the water cold. The cold refreshes and relaxes I have some fruit with yogurt by my side and a delicious glass of melon […]