Short Story

The Bridge

The philosopher Kierkegaard once wrote that when you stand on a ledge and look down the feeling of dizziness is not only due to a fear of falling but it is also caused by the fact that you have the freedom to choose to go over the ledge at any time.  And now I am […]


My Enemy

It had been haunting me all week. It seemed that wherever I went there it was. It would torture me with its presence. It was always there just beyond my reach, watching me from a corner. It never did anything to me and yet it was constantly threatening me. And now it was dead and […]


Unexpected Sleepover

We all used to be friends. At least that is what I like to think. Different issues affected our relationships. Two months ago, everything was fine and now it is all chaos. The seven of us volunteered to help for this Thanksgiving dinner for our company. The first week everyone helped me with it and […]