My Dad

Where can I find you? One day you were here The next you were nowhere to be seen I keep looking for you in the places you used to be What I found are the memories of you Every food I eat were the ones you liked The movies you used to watch are now […]


The Drive

Open the door Slide in Gently close the door Slip on the seat belt over my lap Put the key in the ignition Turn it forward The engine roars awake Vapors exit the exhaust And she settles down Check the gauges Check the mirrors Ready to go Put in reverse Back up Shift back into […]


The Getaway

I am in my backyard sitting in my pool It’s 8 pm and the sun is on the horizon The orange colors are bright in the sky. The air is hot and the water cold. The cold refreshes and relaxes I have some fruit with yogurt by my side and a delicious glass of melon […]