1001 Stories and More

If my heart could speak

If my heart could speak Oh the things it might say If my heart had eyes It would look at you at every chance And get lost every time it looked into your eyes If my heart could laugh It would laugh at your constant clumsiness If my heart could dream It would dream of […]



Poor little raccoon Your body strewn across the road Many pass your body ignoring the life that has been extinguished Car after car passes without stopping to mourn Then an ignorant driver rolls over your corpse He curses at the inconvenience you have caused him Even in death you still have an impact on this […]



Watching a movie I have no idea what it’s about People are talking to me I am lost in my own world Driving without knowing how you got there At the register of the grocery store you pay, She tells you how much it is You still don’t know how much you owe In the […]



One day you wake up and open your eyes First you crawl, Then you stand, After that you walk, And finally you learn to run There is darkness but also light One door opens while a window closes You let someone in and then someone out You feel the hate as much as the love […]


The Bridge

The philosopher Kierkegaard once wrote that when you stand on a ledge and look down the feeling of dizziness is not only due to a fear of falling but it is also caused by the fact that you have the freedom to choose to go over the ledge at any time.  And now I am […]


Loving You

How do you know if what you felt was love? Such a strong word And yet it can be so dark The meaning and impact can be opposites Some feel an infinitive happiness Others get to know to fear it Which person in your life will conquer your heart? One moment you cross the street […]