Creative Writing


05-10-2003 My sweet mom Today’s assignment is to write you a letter. I don’t have much to say but I want to tell you how delicious your pancakes were yesterday. I was really hungry and I hate the food at school. I love having a warm lunch. Also you made my lunch easier. You know […]



One day you wake up and open your eyes First you crawl, Then you stand, After that you walk, And finally you learn to run There is darkness but also light One door opens while a window closes You let someone in and then someone out You feel the hate as much as the love […]


The Drive

Open the door Slide in Gently close the door Slip on the seat belt over my lap Put the key in the ignition Turn it forward The engine roars awake Vapors exit the exhaust And she settles down Check the gauges Check the mirrors Ready to go Put in reverse Back up Shift back into […]


See No Evil

I don’t know what is worse this place or my husband? My time here has been awful. I have to pretend to be a good patient when all I want is to run away. I have to lie about what I see, hear and feel. When I most needed of him, he dumped me here. […]


Bloody Hands

I wake up with a pounding headache.  The last thing I remember is someone buying me a shot at the bar.  It was only my second drink of the night but I must have gone crazy because I don’t remember what happened after that.  I slowly open my eyes and look around.  I am not […]


The Darkness

My alarm woke me up. I am getting ready for work just like every other day.  Everything is as usual.  This is just another Friday in my life. The weatherman is saying that it is going to be cold.  I better not forget my jacket. On my way to work, I get a message from […]