Unexpected Sleepover

We all used to be friends. At least that is what I like to think. Different issues affected our relationships. Two months ago, everything was fine and now it is all chaos. The seven of us volunteered to help for this Thanksgiving dinner for our company. The first week everyone helped me with it and […]


See No Evil

I don’t know what is worse this place or my husband? My time here has been awful. I have to pretend to be a good patient when all I want is to run away. I have to lie about what I see, hear and feel. When I most needed of him, he dumped me here. […]


The Darkness

My alarm woke me up. I am getting ready for work just like every other day.  Everything is as usual.  This is just another Friday in my life. The weatherman is saying that it is going to be cold.  I better not forget my jacket. On my way to work, I get a message from […]


The Getaway

I am in my backyard sitting in my pool It’s 8 pm and the sun is on the horizon The orange colors are bright in the sky. The air is hot and the water cold. The cold refreshes and relaxes I have some fruit with yogurt by my side and a delicious glass of melon […]


The Perfect Way to Meet You

I am the most miserable person in the world. I just realized I haven’t done anything fun with my life and it’s all breaking into little pieces.  I have no apartment.   Okay, I have 5 days lefts on my lease.  Only F-I-V-E and let me tell you, I have no money for a new deposit, and the first month of rent. So, I need to come up with a plan soon. I am panicking to the point where I am having one of those moments where I am just running side to side.  I have been awake since three in the morning and my brain will not shut down. I only have 900 dollars in my account and the bills just keep coming. I have to find somewhere to move. I open my fridge and there is NOTHING to eat.  I decide I can drive to Starbucks and instead of food I can have a coffee. HELL YEAH!  Since I am broke let’s try to keep it simple: two shots of espresso over ice and a little half and a half.