Orlando Chavez

The Drive

Open the door Slide in Gently close the door Slip on the seat belt over my lap Put the key in the ignition Turn it forward The engine roars awake Vapors exit the exhaust And she settles down Check the gauges Check the mirrors Ready to go Put in reverse Back up Shift back into […]


Bloody Hands

I wake up with a pounding headache.  The last thing I remember is someone buying me a shot at the bar.  It was only my second drink of the night but I must have gone crazy because I don’t remember what happened after that.  I slowly open my eyes and look around.  I am not […]


The Bite

How could I possibly have let this happen? I had been so careful to not let this happen. But now I was paying the price for one moment of carelessness. I tried my best to hide the bite marks. I didn’t want the rest of my group to see. It was a small bite on […]